Floating islands - the impossible is now possible

By the end of the 21st century the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts cities such as Tokyo, London, Jakarta, Sydney and Shanghai are expected to be totally or partially underwater as global warming contributes to the rising sea levels.


Cornerstone Floating Islands and Villas bring people closer to water, offering a valuable resource to Local & National Governments and Land/Lake owners alike. Particularly in Malaysia, artificial lakes left over from the activities of Mining and Mineral exploration offers lake owners a unique opportunity to participate in the development of a high end Floating Island resort.

cornerstone floating islands

Our unique and patented floating technologies allow for the pragmatic development of otherwise only recreational and ecological waters. The systems are tried, tested and well proven and have been used in Europe for some years.

Connectable and extendable in every direction,

any size and shape is possible.

Cornerstone floating islands and floating villas are modular in nature allowing the project planner the greatest possible freedom when designing a possible layout, as islands can be constructed in any shape or size.


Construction of the development can also be undertaken in a phased or modular process whilst maintaining economies of scale. In essence construction can be undertaken without the restrictive costs associated with traditional land reclamation.

Piping can be placed in the platform after constructing the building house (Changes during the build are possible now)

Specification of Foundation


Very durable due to the use of EPS

Has a low own weight

Very strong due to the TNO calculation

Masses places on the platform can be unlimited

Has a capacity to several thousands of Kg/m2

Needs very little maintenance and is environmentally friendly

Capable of handling very high loads (Depending on water depths)

Stresses possible from 120KN/m to many hundreds of KN/m

Extremely quick to build and install

Typically not dependant on weather for installation

Architects and city planners across the globe are exploring ways humankind and water may co-exist, as incidents induced by climate change, including rising sea levels and extreme, irregular floods, threaten land-based living.


Many practitioners are proposing sustainable, flexible alternatives, building new or adapted “hydro-cities” on water using floating platforms, raised or amphibious structures and other solutions to create and maintain aquatic metropolises of hotels, villas, luxury apartments, recreation centres, shopping malls and even golf courses and other outdoor facilities.


The Cornerstone modular islands offer land/water owners and developers the perfect opportunity to benefit from advanced floating technology. Our Modular islands may be constructed on the side of the water or within a factory environment and then transported to the site.


Along with Floating villas we can also design & construct Floating Commercial & office structures that are highly cost effective and practical for companies looking for prestigious and unique office space.


As the system is modular and connectable in every direction, this allows a wide range of uses as any shape or size can be tailor made to the clients needs and specifications. As shown in this brochure are just some of the examples of the system being adapted.

A Unique Concept

If climate change has you nervous about the future, you’re not alone. A recent report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts cities such as Tokyo, London, Jakarta, Sydney and Shanghai are expected to be totally or partially underwater as sea levels rise over the next century.


Now more than ever, it’s clear that we must adapt to our changing planet – and find new ways of living with nature, rather than fighting against it. That’s why Cornerstone Floating Islands and Villas are designed to bring people closer to water.


We all know the beauty and serenity of a lakeside getaway. Unfortunately, while the water may hold an innate ecological and natural value, until recently, developers have struggled to make the best use of these assets.


Prime Locations


Now, new technology makes it possible to harness the water that surrounds us – like air, lakes and oceans are abundant and essentially free. With our floating foundations, these bodies of water are now just as valuable as the most prime waterfront locations.


This breakthrough couldn’t come at a more important time. As the global population continues to expand, prime locations are becoming ever more difficult to source, leaving developers desperate for alternative options. At Cornerstone, we believe we’ve finally found the answer to this problem.


Best of all, floating developments limit harm to the local landscape and environment, allowing visitors to truly appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Our buildings are environmentally friendly and easy to build on a realistic budget.


New Opportunities


Throughout Asia, new opportunities are opening up for land and lake owners, as well as regional and national governments, to take advantage of this precious and abundant resource. For example: in Malaysia, man-made lakes left over from mining and mineral exploration could be repurposed to develop floating resorts – without the steep cost of land reclamation or the limitations of the surrounding landscape.


No Limits


With the Cornerstone floating islands, there are no limits to size, shape, or layout, giving you maximum flexibility when it comes to construction. The modular nature of our designs allows construction in phased process, making construction more cost-effective.


In some ways, a floating building has unique advantages over traditional construction. Designers can position each floating module to provide optimum light for work and life, perfectly placing windows and seating areas. Or, if you prefer, modules can be placed to embrace the natural landscape – giving employees and guests the perfect view of the lake or local landmarks.


A Smoother, More Comfortable Ride


Unlike the chain and anchor system used in today’s marinas, Cornerstone has developed an innovative flexible anchoring and mooring system that offers a smoother, more comfortable ride. As the water level or tide increases the mooring system simply expands, and as the water level or tide decreases the system slowly contracts, similar to a car shock absorber.


Not only is our system more stable, but the installation time is far quicker than chain and substantially faster than piling alone. The system is engineered to the exact specification of the local environment and the bathymetric survey.


In traditional land reclamation, property developers must wait at least two years for land to settle before construction can begin. Not so with the Cornerstone modular islands. Once the platforms have been secured together with our ultra strong couplings and anchored to the sea or lakebed, construction can begin on the platform immediately.


The platform itself is extremely durable due to the design and the materials used. Steel is fully galvanized and the EPS is completely protected by a watertight fibreglass covering. An optional concrete covering can be installed along the sides to protect against damage from boats and ships. The floor elements are fully tested for fire safety by TNO/Efectis.


Our patented design also leaves space for rainwater storage tanks inside our floating foundations. This water may be used for a so-called grey water system, reducing the impact and the Carbon Footprint of the new development.


Both manual and fully automatic stability systems have been developed to keep the floating foundations level. This may be achieved by using either water or air. In the automated version, the system is fully regulated by a computer. The ballast tanks may be placed in the floating bodies or in the spacing of the system.


The complete floating structure is securely moored with rubber hawsers attached to large concrete sinkers on either the lakebed or the ocean floor. This allows the building to adjust to any changes in the water level.


Our uniquely designed pontoons and anchoring systems make the Cornerstone floating islands very stable and safe. The floating structures do not interfere with the water currents and have minimal effect on the lake bed/ocean floor.


Cornerstone Floating Islands

The possibilities are Endless...

Floating Shopping Centre

Floating Supermarket

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