Floating  villas - let your imagination run wild

It’s no secret that a most people consider waterfront properties a prime location to live, work, and relax. But there’s an even greater luxury that few people have yet to experience: that of actually living on the water itself.


Now, with our floating villas and Marina facilities, this dream can be a reality. Imagine waking up each morning and having to decide if your mood is likely to steer you to the Marina for a little sailing or kayaking; perhaps an hour or two of fly fishing after breakfast, followed by a leisurely stroll along the waterside before lunching at one of the marina restaurants.


After that you may enjoy some bird watching, as the afternoon lazily stretches its shadows towards a copper sunset.

cornerstone floating Villas

Cornerstone Floating Villas - System Components

Indoor construction


Using our standard process, we are able to assemble villas without worry for the weather. By building only in a climate-controlled environment, we increase work efficiency and avoid waste in the form of damaged building materials. This allows us to ensure each and every custom modular villa design is crafted to the same building codes as a traditional site-built construction.


Just as we take care to protect the materials that will form your villa from the weather, we also take care to protect the craftsman building your components. Naturally, construction workers are far more productive working indoors during a tropical rainstorm or a heat wave than if they were exposed to nature’s elements on an open air construction site.


BIM Integration


We also apply Building Information Modelling to allow better visualization and simulation of the performance of each villa design. Using BIM in the pre-construction process allows us to implement the most cost-effective measures during the construction process. Speed of construction and a faster return on investment


These are just a few of the advantage of modular construction. Unlike traditional techniques, we are able to complete both the building and site work simultaneously, allowing us to complete the work in only half the time. If you’re planning to sell, rent, or simply live in your new villa, you’ll be able to recoup your investment much sooner.


Superior Quality


Modular buildings, on the whole, are of superior quality due to the controlled manufacturing process. We make several inspections throughout the construction process, to reduce potential risks and poor building performance.


By using automatic assembly equipment and repetitive assembly-line techniques, factories are able to assemble component parts more efficiently and with greater consistency in product quality.



Manufactured with a steel frame hull and lightweight composite shell, our floating villas are capable of berthing in areas with low water levels. We craft each steel hull under precise factory conditions to guarantee consistently high quality. Our manufacturing process is incredibly accurate down to the last detail, resulting in an overall improved finish for each villa.


Using this method, we’re not only able to keep the costs of labour down, but also to shelter our welders from the elements of nature, come rain or shine. These controlled conditions create a far more productive working environment, so your villa will be completed more quickly and to the highest standard.

Modular Fabrication Process

Our construction gallery gives you a step by step insight to the Floating Villa system used to construct the Floating Villas at Delft, Netherlands. Please click on the images below to view the construction process.

Construction Gallery

 Floating Villa Completion Photos