Modular construction -  faster, smarter, greener



A faster, greener and a completely revolutionary approach to Industrialised Building Systems, combining supporting structures, floor slabs, M&E and ceilings as one integrated patented technology. A Reliable building system that may be reused and repurposed multiple times, a higher quality finish and design freedom with large spans.

Up to 50% faster construction time

Cradle to Cradle

Higher Quality - Superior Finish

Larger Spans - up to 30m Internal spans with no support columns

Larger Spans = Design Freedom & More efficient use of floor space as no columns

Less waste & a lower carbon footprint

SMART access utilities panels PLUG & PLAY- either from the floor or ceiling

Sub-contractors will love the ease of utility installation

Less disruption to the local community as majority of construction is completed off-site

Building is reusable and may be disassembled and transported to another venue to be re-installed.

The Cornerstone Holcon Modular System has two major components

1. Cornerstone Holcon - Portal Beams

These integrated columns and beams, which we call Cornerstone Portal Beams are installed directly onto foundations. Typically 8 metres long by 3 metres high, Portal beams are also available in 6 metre and 10 metre lengths.

When two portal beams are fastened together, the void space between them acts as a conduit for utilities.

2. Cornerstone Holcon - Floor & Ceiling Elements

Cornerstone Floor & Ceiling elements provide the greatest possible freedom in concept and design with the capability to produce spans up to 30m which can accommodate loads of up to 40 kN/m2 without the additional support of columns.

Two Main Components

Floor panels with easy access utilities


Our unique patented technology dramatically reduces the difficulty of utility installation for sub-contractors. No other system on the market compares in terms of ease of use.


The benefits of our modular system last long beyond the construction phase of the building. As the churn rate or turnover of tenants has rapidly increased over the last few years, our system is the perfect solution for any modern office. Owners will now be able to quickly and cost effectively adapt to today’s more mobile businesses and the ever-changing economy.


Adapting to these needs can be a challenge in conventional buildings, but  Cornerstone includes easy access flooring panels that are readily removable to allow quick access to the under floor services such as;

  Electrical power



  Environmental control

  Air conditioning

  Fire detection and suppression


  Water and drainage


Depending on the design of the building and the spans required, these modular elements can vary in length from 8m, 12m, 16m and even up to 30m. Each of these modular elements is only 2m wide, offering the most flexible design possible to the building owner. The variety of sizes available gives you the freedom to relocate power-points or other utilities as your new tenants require.


Gone are the days of lengthy office refurbishments. Our flooring system is so smooth that no screed is required. Adhesive carpet tiles are laid directly on the modular floor elements. Should the owner or tenant require further power-points, they can simply lift up the adhesive floor tiles and install them directly.


The in-built flexibility of the interchangeable panels facilitates quick, painless changes to office services and layout. In commercial buildings, the movement of office partitioning and expansion is now easier than ever. This is particularly useful for the relocation of a data centre.


The result is a neat environment that enhances productivity and ensures easy expansion.

Utilising the Void

Cornerstone Holcon System
Conventional System
When utilities and conduits are enclosed within the void of our Holcon modular flooring elements, we’re able reduce the overall thickness of the floors by over 30%. This is possible because a false ceiling is no longer required to house them. This reduces the overall height of a building by 7m on a 30 storey building, potentially allowing the developer to construct 2 extra storeys on a building of the same height. If you’re planning to lease space for residential or commercial use, this provides an obvious benefit.

Construction Gallery

Holcon Construction Completion Photos

Our construction gallery gives you a step by step insight to the Holcon modular system used to construct ‘Villa Flora’ in Venlo, Netherlands. Please click on the images below to view the construction process.