Multiple Storey car park with 743 parking spaces using our Cornerstone Modular System at an average clearance height of 2.5m per floor and span width of 16.2m to maximize parking capacity. Our system has been computed to be approximately 44% and 28% lighter than the conventional and hollow core system respectively. This substantial benefit would result in cheaper foundation work and a faster construction time.

The Cornerstone Parking system has large spans of 16.2m which allows greater efficiency of the parking structure as there are no internal columns, therefore more car parking spaces will be available on square meter basis when compared to conventional building methods.


As our car park system is modular and has no screed or wet joints, the entire structure of floor elements and portals may be disassembled and transported to another site for re-installation. Every part of the building is truly recyclable, except for the foundations of course. This has major benefits for the land and building owner as they may decide to replace the car park structure with an office or residential block.


The car park may be disassembled and moved to a new location, or sold to a third party. So when it comes to disassembly the modular components are unfastened and lifted away with a crane. This is far more cost effective than bulldozing the site.

The Modular Multi-Storey Car Park system draws on the same innovative patent we use in the Floating Islands & the Modular building system and therefore has many advantages:-


  Our car park system is more cost efficient than traditional construction

  Off-site build

  Fits any shape any size

  Fast programme completions

  Large open spans

  No internal columns therefore more car parking spaces

The individual components of the system such as decks, ramps and foundations are manufactured under closely controlled conditions. The car park system can be used to build new facilities or to extend existing car parks with the addition of extra floors, which means that much of an existing car park can remain open, minimising parking restrictions during construction. The components are configured to meet the requirements of individual projects.


The system has the advantage that wider spacing of main beams can be achieved because of the pre-cast unit’s spanning capabilities, and low self weight. Speed of construction will be improved over a solid slab, leading to greater cost savings on the scheme.


By reducing the time required for construction, it minimises disruption on site during the building phase, to the infrastructure and local community surrounding a site. This also reduces construction costs. While Cornerstone’s lightweight frame affords the opportunity to minimise foundation costs and introduce further cost savings. The system is flexible enough to be added to, reduced or even dismantled in the future.


  A simple, efficient, cost-effective solution to car park construction, ideally suited for building projects where there are tight space constraints   or where facilities are needed fast.


  It provides more space for parking and a much lighter, safer and more inviting environment for car park users.


  Disruption to the daytime operations of existing car park facilities is minimised. It keeps noise levels, dust and waste to a minimum.


  Reduced time on site enables the client to generate revenue earlier and the return on the investment is greater.